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Zodi Outback Gear Battery Powered Shower Pump Zodi Outback Gear Zip Shower, w/Piezo, Soft Case Zodi Outback Gear Extreme Shower w/o Stove
Manufacture ID: 1066 The Zodi self-contained portable Battery Powered Shower is super convenient! Ideal for rinsing dishes, cleaning up, washing pets, showering and more. Just add 4 D-cell batteries and place the compact and powerful pump in any water source.Features:- 8 ft... Manufacture ID: 3920 The ZIP Hot Shower is great for family camping, providing endless hot water for showers, cleanup, dishes, etc. Self-contained for use anytime, anywhere! Just add 4 D-cell batteries to the battery pack, twist on a 16.4 oz. propane cylinder, and the ZIP Hot Shower is ready for hours of use... Manufacture ID: 8140 The Industrial grade stainless steel construction and rugged hand pump operation of the Zodi Extreme Shower make your outdoor experience convenient. Simply place the Extreme Shower on a sturdy and stable two burner stove and in minutes you have a comfortable and refreshing hot shower.The Zodi Extreme Hot Shower includes a 6 ft...
Zodi Outback Gear Hot Showers & Water Heaters Extreme SC w/Stove Zodi Outback Gear Hot Tap w/Piezo Ignition Single Zodi Outback Gear Hot Tap w/Piezo Ignition Double
Manufacture ID: 8170 The Zodi Extreme Self-Contained (SC) shower is a multi-functional portable hot shower great for outdoor adventures, camping, backcountry experiences and even disaster preparedness! The Zodi Extreme Shower is easy to use! Simply add 3 gallons of water to the tank, assemble tri-pod stove, place Extreme Tank on Stove and heat... Manufacture ID: 6185 Portable and self-contained, the Hot Tap is one of Zodi's most popular instant hot showers. Enjoy the convenience of instant hot showers with matchless push-button ignition.Equipped with a stainless steel burner, this Zodi shower provides endless hot water in just seconds... Manufacture ID: 6125 The rugged all-steel construction of the High Performance Instant Hot Tap HP makes it perfect for all-season use. This portable double-burner hot shower system heats unlimited water on demand...
Zodi Outback Gear Hot Showers & Water Heaters X-40 Outfitter
Manufacture ID: 5146 The Zodi Hot Tap X-40 is a very high output, instant water heater and hot shower, delivering up to 50 hours of continuous hot water between propane refills. Designed for professional outfitters, base camps, cabins, and horse trailers. This shower is constructed of rugged steel for extra durability. The 16 ft...